Company overview

POLIMAX Biodegradable Plant Fiber Manufacturing Co., ltd. specializes in biodegradable products and has 10 production lines in 107.639 thousand square feet production base. The capacity of the company is 36 million per year and the yearly turnover is high up to USD10 million. At present, our products are exported far to Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Australia and so on. Over these years,our company are striving for excellence and innovation. Our product is enjoying great market share and being trusted world wide
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The advantages of the plant fiber products as below:
1.The products are made from natural plant fiber which supplied sufficiently.
2.Environmental friendly---The products can be degraded by the action of bacteria. The biodegradable product does not have the pollution to the environment and the water resource.
3.The product has good air permeability then help to facilitate the growth of the plant
4.Attractive color and drverse styles.We can mix color or make our different shape according tosatisfy client’s demands.

 5.Pass may tests of degradation and safety such as :GB18006.1-1999&GB19305-2003, and so on.
 6.Our product also have passed ASTM-F963-2008(including PHOS, EN71, EU ROHS)