5.12 x 4.33(inch)
Product Introduction

Our product,the biodegradable environmentally friendly nutrient flowerpot, is made of plant haulm (such as bamboo fibre, rice straw, wheat straw and corn stalk etc.), which has good air permeability thus help to facilitate the growth of flowers. The plant haulm itself has some nutrient elements that can be used as fertilizer. These nutrient elements may slowly release into the soil and take the function as fertilizer to facilitate the growth of plants as the they grow,, quicken the growth of flowers and make the flowers have gorgeous colours. As the flowerpot discards, it will slowly degrade and cause no any pollution to the environment. It can degrade naturally within 2 – 3 years after being dropped to a field environment and 120 – 180 days in a dump area. The degradation products, such as CO2 and water, are lower molecular compounds harmless to the environment, which cause no secondary pollution to the environment and the underground water resources.

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